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$23.95 for the Hard Cover
(ISBN: 978-1-7368779-2-0)

$16.95 for the Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7368779-3-7

$6.95 for the eBook
(ISBN: 978-1-7368779-3-X.)

Head Over Heels for Evelynn

After his 16-year-marriage disintegrated, a successful advancement executive, Wesley Owen embarks on a 7-year downward spiral and reckless liaisons -- juggling a series of brief and over-lapping affairs -- until he meets and tangles with a dazzling and self-assured woman, Evelynn Vélez whose feminine charm turns his gregarious nature upside down, and puts an end to his playboy ways.

Evelynn is an ethereal beauty who seems to belong to another world in a manner that looks like she’s too perfect for Earth. However, there’s a hiccup; this is not Evelynn’s first rodeo.

Like most folks who allow themselves to be vulnerable and trusting, past lovers have left a sour taste in her mouth. So, Evelynn decided to throw herself into her work. It seems to be the safest place to focus her energy. And, in an effort to protect herself from another despair, Evelynn must tread cautiously to safeguard her heart…

... What’s Wesley to do?

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